“Thank You to Benson-Orth for the outstanding job in getting our building done on time and on budget. Your Site Supervisor did a wonderful job handling this project with ease and a sense of humor; not an easy task when faced with an owner like me. Our addition has improved the productivity of our shipping and receiving operations. We would be willing to share our thoughts with any of your prospective clients.”

“I would like to express my appreciation of the efficient and effective work put into the new reaction mass installed by Benson-Orth. The engineering group that will use the 3 million pound mass have reviewed and documented your quality construction process and will utilize the procedure with our overseas clients.”

“Wanted to let you know how impressed I was with your presentation. We had three competing GC’s for this project but it was obvious you had really done your homework. You are professional, organized and timely. Your attention to detail and follow-through has been solid. You are straight forward and have earned my trust and that of my team.”

“Benson-Orth is more than a General Contractor to HOM Furniture, They’re an organization that actually has your best interest in mind. At times, it feels as if they’re part of our organization and not a hired contractor. I have to admit, they’ve saved us from making a mistake or two. HOM has challenged Benson-Orth at all levels, whether preliminary site evaluation, value engineering or construction performance. On all levels Benson-Orth has surpassed our expectations. “

“Your entire team worked well with our architects and our project team throughout the course of the project. Benson-Orth did a Great job managing the project and keeping us informed as to every issue. Rehab projects are always complicated with many unforeseen issues cropping up along the way. We especially liked the way Benson-Orth handled each of these issues in a professional, straight-forward manner. We appreciated your approach!”

“Teaming with Benson-Orth allowed us to develop a budget that we could live with without sacrificing any quality. Benson-Orth project management consistently had our best interests in mind with pricing control, constant communication and exceeding all City, State and Federal requirements. Benson-Orth’s attention to detail and ability to work with our staff during phased unit deliveries created calm transitions while minimizing our punch list. I look forward to teaming with Benson-Orth again!”

Mark Ladwig, Manager, Episcopal Homes, St. Paul, MN

“Aljon Tool is very happy with our new space and the right choices we made along the way. Aljon Tool has endured many changes through the years but one constant has been our relationship with Benson-Orth and the strong teamwork that has produced many successful projects. I not only recommend them but look forward to working with them in the future!”

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