Preconstruction Services

Elevate Your Project with Expert Pre-Construction Services

Before laying the foundation, ensure success with our comprehensive pre-construction services. At Benson-Orth, we understand that meticulous planning is the cornerstone of any successful project. Our dedicated team works closely with you from the initial concept stage, offering expert guidance on design, budgeting, scheduling, and more. We handle everything from site evaluation and feasibility studies to obtaining necessary permits, setting the stage for a seamless construction process. With our tailored pre-construction services, you can confidently embark on your project knowing that every detail has been carefully considered and planned for success.

Building Success Together: The Benson-Orth Collaborative Approach

At Benson-Orth, we’re dedicated to excellence, recognizing the pivotal role of teamwork in crafting successful projects. Our journey begins with a deep-rooted belief in collaboration, engaging all key stakeholders from the project’s inception. Specializing in the pre-construction phase, we champion a design and build team approach, ensuring unified vision and constructability alignment. Committed to our clients’ satisfaction, our Principals, Project Managers, and Field Superintendents collaborate closely throughout every project stage. From initial planning to warranty, we’re there every step of the way. Our involvement isn’t just passive attendance; we actively contribute during pre-construction meetings, offering valuable insights in pricing, value engineering, and cost-saving strategies. At Benson-Orth, we’re more than constructors; we’re partners dedicated to realizing your vision.