Construction Management Services

Discover Comprehensive Construction Management Solutions

At Benson-Orth, our construction management services streamline every aspect of your project, from inception to completion. With meticulous planning, budgeting, and scheduling, we ensure your project stays on track and within budget. Our team oversees every detail, from contract management and quality control to safety protocols and stakeholder communication. Trust us to deliver excellence at every stage, ensuring your project’s success. Explore our comprehensive construction management solutions today.

Streamlined Construction Management: Collaborative Commissioning with Benson-Orth

Construction management involves the strategic coordination and oversight of various aspects of a construction project, ensuring that it progresses smoothly from start to finish. In the context of Benson Orth’s approach, here’s an explanation:

At Benson-Orth, construction management is a collaborative endeavor between our team and clients. We employ established procedures to coordinate the testing and commissioning of subcontractor work efficiently. These procedures are meticulously aligned with the project’s design documents, detailed specific requirements for installation, shop drawing review, start-up procedures, commissioning processes, testing protocols, owner training, and the preparation for occupancy of life and safety systems.

Throughout this process, we maintain close communication and collaboration with client maintenance personnel. We value their input and expertise, recognizing that their contributions are integral to the success of the project. By working closely together, we ensure that every aspect of the commissioning process is handled with precision and care, ultimately leading to the successful completion of the project.