2018 Angel Sponsor of MN Teen & Adult Challenge

Angel Sponsor Of MN Teen & Adult Challenge 2016 – 2018…

Benson-Orth is proud to announce we are supporting Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge for another year. Everyday, the people at MNTC are helping to restore hope to individuals who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. We enjoy working with MNTC, and supporting their cause!

This is how lives change when given an opportunity to be part of something bigger than yourself!

“ There was an opportunity to volunteer at the Teen and Adult Challenge (work) site in Rochester. Benson-Orth came along side of me and made me feel comfortable. I didn’t have any experience in construction so I was a little nervous going into it. Felt I might be judged or looked down upon for not being able to help out. But they came along beside me, led me into the job and showed me how to do it. Since being in here and having the opportunities to volunteer with people like Benson-Orth, I learned to communicate with people, to feel as an equal, to come along side people in the work world and in the real world and be social and be happy!” Kris Residence MN Teen and Adult Challenge, client

“In the project in Rochester, I worked along side Benson-Orth and they taught us the necessary work ethics. I was ripping up carpet, tearing down walls, taking out old machinery, scraping, demolishing. It was very insightful. The first day that we were there, they were very kind and patient with us. It was a great atmosphere. I really appreciated being part of that project that day. It was nice. I saw what a leader looked like. They led by example and they worked along side of us. It wasn’t ‘that you go over here and do that’. That was a beautiful thing that I saw. One of the greatest things I have learned is to be a servant because to be a leader, you have to be a servant.” Anthony Hinton MN Teen and Adult Challenge, client

“Benson-Orth is a very good company. They really did a good job on the (Mn Adult & Teen Challenge) facility (in Rochester) and they were really patience with all the clients that came down. Not a lot of us had any skills but they helped work with us. They taught us how to clean up a job site and move product throughout the facility. They gave me the confidence to do a job search. In fact, when I get out of here I have a job lined up on a construction site.” Paul Applegate MN Teen and Adult Challenge, client

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