Mall of Entertainment in Albertville Minnesota

Indoor Theme Park, Hotels and Water-Park in Albertville, Minnesota

Dubbed the “Mall of Entertainment”, the facility is geared toward families. The “Hollywood experience”  or “edutainment” center — would be 50,000 square feet. The center will be adjacent to a 275-room Marriott Hotel with a 50,000-square-foot indoor water-park. In total, the development would be 300,000 square feet on 18 acres of land just off Interstate 94 between the Twin Cities and St. Cloud. There are not many entertainment offerings in the area that can be experienced year-round. The combination of retail, restaurants, hotels and entertainment will make it the perfect staycation…

The Sony Pictures center that will feature movie-making and game-based activities, and there will be a National Geographic-branded center called “Ultimate Explorer.” It is described on the Mall of Entertainment’s website as “a special place where parents and children go to spend time together while they play, jump, climb, explore and learn about our world through the incredible and often breathtaking experiences National Geographic is known for.”

“Albertville is so ideally situated halfway between in St. Cloud and the Twin Cities,” Nafstad said. “The concepts that I am aware of complement the current retail base and food-associated businesses.”The project is scheduled to break ground this summer.



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